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When you have goals, sometimes you have to put on your big girl pants or running shoes 🙂 and get started.   If you are anything like me, you haven’t been as active in training as in years past. That may be for a variety of reasons.

Not being as active as in previous years has caused some of my clothes to shrink, and I don’t like that.  I decided to put my running shoes back on and hit the streets.  One of my friends is spearheading a local race, The Shelli Huether Honor Run, Walk, and Fundraiser. I am going to use that as a relaunching point to get my motivation back on track.

I had to find my initial motivation again. You need to look deep and find your initial motivation and let that guide you to rediscover what made you love running in the first place. I know it’s November and temperatures are starting to drop, so here are some key points for running in the colder weather.

While it’s well-known that performance is impaired when it’s too hot, it’s also likely that performance will be impaired if it’s too cold. Layering is always a good idea in the cold; it is easier to calibrate your optimal clothing level when you have several thinner layers versus one thick one. It is better to start with too many layers than not enough.  Layers can be removed slowly if necessary. Also, the body needs hydration in cooler weather just as much as it does in warmer temperatures, but it’s important to know what chemicals are in the drinks you are consuming. 

I found it helpful to put reminders of my goals around the house for motivation. Look for and get a running buddy. Running buddies help keep you both accountable and on track. The partner can be local or virtual for check-ins. Sometimes, just buying new shoes or accessories will give us the extra incentive needed.  Most importantly, be safe and have fun.